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Also known as haemoglobin s, hba2, hb s, thalassemia , it can be passed from parents to their children and affect the amount and type of hemoglobin the body produces. .

Now in Rs 800

> Test type : Blood ( EDTA ) Sample Collection at home

> Pre-Test info: Fasting Not Required

> Test Report : Delivered within 24-48 Hrs

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Home Sample Collection Charges: Rs. 200 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs.

(For Multiple Test)
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Test Price : Rs. 800 ( Tax included )

  • Fasting Not Required
  • Sample Type - Blood ( EDTA )
  • Highly specific
  • Affordable technique
  • Fill the booking form
  • Expert collect sample @ Home
  • Get report in 24/48 hrs
  • Serviceable City:Abiramam
BETA-THALASSEMIA SCREENING can booked online at a discounted price in Abiramam . BETA-THALASSEMIA SCREENING in Abiramam is done at fully automated NABL accredited diagnostic laboratory Thyrocare which has Centralized Processing Lab in Abiramam for esoteric tests and Regional Processing Labs in major cities of India. Abiramam being a major city in has many professional Labs which can be contacted for BETA-THALASSEMIA SCREENING . Mediyaar Healthcare in Abiramam provides online facility for booking of BETA-THALASSEMIA SCREENING where sample can be collected from your home or offce in Abiramam.

Labs in Abiramam offering test similar to BETA-THALASSEMIA SCREENING (Offline – Lab visit )