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C PEPTIDE test in Surat

Also known as insulin c-peptide, connecting peptide, insulin proinsulin c-peptide , to help evaluate insulin production by the beta cells in the pancreas or to help determine the cause of low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) .

Now in Rs 700

> Test type : Blood (SERUM ) Sample Collection at home

> Pre-Test info: 10-12 Hours Fasting Required

> Test Report : Delivered within 12 Hrs

To discern among both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the C-peptide test is commonly employed. When you have type 1 diabetes, your pancreas generates a small amount of insulin and C-peptide. Your body releases insulin but doesn't utilize it correctly when you have type 2 diabetes. C-peptide levels may be elevated above normal as a result of this. You can book C-peptide blood test in Surat with us at Mediyaar.

C PEPTIDE Test Price in Surat

The approximate cost of C PEPTIDE Test varies depending on several criteria, including the city, region, test accessibility, and Lab reputation. C-peptide test price in Surat usually ranges from 600 to 1000 rupees. Mediyaar offers the best cost for Thyrocare's c-peptide test in Surat, our popular & convenient home service is available at most of the pin codes in your city. The technician visits your home or office at a date & time slot selected by you .

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Home sample collection charges: Rs. 0 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs.


C PEPTIDE Test - Additional Info

Test Price : Rs. 700 ( Tax included )

  • 10-12 Hours Fasting Required
  • Sample Type - Blood (SERUM )
  • Highly specific
  • Affordable technique
  • Fill the booking form
  • Expert collect sample @ Home
  • Get report in 24/48 hrs
  • Serviceable City:Surat
C PEPTIDE Test test can booked online at a discounted price in Surat . C PEPTIDE Test blood test in Surat is done at fully automated NABL accredited diagnostic laboratory Thyrocare which has Centralized Processing Lab in Mumbai for esoteric tests and Regional Processing Labs in major cities of India. Surat being a major city has many professional Labs which can be contacted for C PEPTIDE Test . Mediyaar Healthcare in Surat provides online facility for booking of C PEPTIDE Test where sample can be collected from your home or offce in Surat.

Labs in Surat offering test similar to C PEPTIDE Test (Offline – Lab visit )

Jamnaba Hospital

Surti Zampa, SH 165, Bardoli, Surat, Gujarat - 394601

Rs. 880

view details

Abha Clinical Laboratory

2nd/3rd Floor, Raj Ratna Chambers, Bhagal Char Rasta, Dabgarwad, Bhagal, Surat, Gujarat - 395003

Rs. 550

view details

Doctors Clinical Laboratory

10, Kalpana Shopping Centre 2, 1st Floor, Rander Road, Adajan Patia, Rander, Surat, Gujarat - 395005

Rs. 385

view details

Fairy Clinical Laboratory

Shop No 9, Block No 55, Udhna, Near Silicon Shoppers, Satyanagar, Surat, Gujarat - 394210

Rs. 880

view details

Jeny Clinical Laboratory

201 Abovat Complex 3, Station Road,Near Krishna Theater, Lakkadkot, Delhi Gate, Surat, Gujarat - 395003

Rs. 715

view details

Anup Clinical Laboratory

In Front Of Saiyedpura Petrol Pump, Saiyedpura, Surat, Gujarat - 395003

Rs. 715

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Hemjyot Pathology Laboratory

1st Floor, A P Market, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat - 394210

Rs. 660

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Aishni Pathology Laboratory

203, Takshshila Apartment, 2nd Floor, Majura Gate, Surat, Gujarat - 395002

Rs. 495

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Kruti Pathology Laboratory

U-9, Yashkamal Complex, Near Jeevan Jyot Theater, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat - 394210

Rs. 935

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What is the purpose of a C-peptide test?

• If your doctor suspects you have diabetes but isn't sure whether it's type 1 or type 2, you might need a C-peptide test. If you have signs of low blood glucose, you might need a C-peptide test.

During a C-peptide test, what happens?

• A C-peptide blood test is usually administered by blood. A health care expert will collect a blood test from a vein in your arm using a tiny needle during a blood test.

Is there a C-peptide urine test available?

• Urine can also be tested for C-peptide. Your doctor may want you to collect all of the urine you pass in 24 hours. It's known as a 24-hour urine specimen test. Your health care practitioner or a laboratory specialist will supply you with a container to collect your urine in as well as for instructions on how to collect and keep your samples for this test.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for the test?

• Before a C-peptide blood test, you might have to fast for 8–12 hours. Whether your doctor has prescribed a C-peptide urine test, make sure you inquire if there are any special instructions you must follow.

Is there any danger in taking the C-peptide test?

• Having a blood test carries relatively little risk. There may be some discomfort where the needle was inserted. A urine test carries no known dangers.