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MALARIAL ANTIGEN test in Pudukottai

Malaria antigen blood test is the rapid antigen test for quick diagnosis of malaria. .

Now in Rs 445

> Test type : EDTA Sample Collection at home

> Pre-Test info: Fasting Not Required

> Test Report : Delivered within 12 Hrs

A malaria antigen diagnosis test is a rapid diagnostic test of antigen which can be booked online from comfort of your home in Pudukottai. A blood sample is required which helps skilled laboratory technicians for quick diagnosis of malaria.

Malaria antigen test:

The malaria antigen test helps to detect malaria antigen in blood and also gives information about parasites load in blood. There are no special requirements/preparations required for the malaria antigen test.

Symptoms of malaria:

The most common symptoms of malaria are pain in muscles, chills, fatigue, fever, shivering, night sweating, diarrhoea, nausea, fast heart rate, headache, mental confusion and vomiting.

Malarial Affect on the body:

Malaria can majorly affect the kidney, liver and lungs of the human body. This can also cause anaemia and jaundice. The reason behind this is the loss of red blood cells from the body. It damages the tissues of the patient body because of abundant white blood cells.

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Home Sample Collection Charges: Rs. 200 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs.


MALARIAL ANTIGEN - Additional Info

Test Price : Rs. 445 ( Tax included )

  • Fasting Not Required
  • Sample Type - EDTA
  • Highly specific
  • Affordable technique
  • Fill the booking form
  • Expert collect sample @ Home
  • Get report in 24/48 hrs
  • Serviceable City:Pudukottai
MALARIAL ANTIGEN test can booked online at a discounted price in Pudukottai . MALARIAL ANTIGEN blood test in Pudukottai is done at fully automated NABL accredited diagnostic laboratory Thyrocare which has Centralized Processing Lab in Mumbai for esoteric tests and Regional Processing Labs in major cities of India. Pudukottai being a major city has many professional Labs which can be contacted for MALARIAL ANTIGEN . Mediyaar Healthcare in Pudukottai provides online facility for booking of MALARIAL ANTIGEN where sample can be collected from your home or offce in Pudukottai.

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FAQs for Malaria Antigen test in Pudukottai

What is the purpose and need of a malaria blood test?

Malaria tests are conducted to detect the malaria antigen in the blood. It is a common disease in subtropical and tropical areas. A large number of peoples get infected by this disease every year. Therefore, the main purpose of conducting malaria blood tests is to detect malaria parasites in the human blood. These tests can also detect other severe problems such as anaemia, renal failure, etc.

What is the procedure of a malaria blood test?

In the microscopy test, a blood sample of a patient is collected and spread as a blood smear and covered with a Romanowsky stain. Most of the time, they use Giemsa as a Romanowsky stain. Then, observe that sample with 100X oil-immersed objective. Then the lab technician may detect malaria parasites by differentiating blood cells.

How to book a malaria blood test in Pudukottai ?

Malaria test can be booked online in Pudukottai on mediyaar , Just fill the booking form on the top of this page , a trained technician will visit your home for blood sample collection at the time slot selected by you.

Where do I test for a malaria blood test in Pudukottai?

Mostly all the pathology labs in Pudukottai conduct malaria blood tests , Our award winning Blood test at Home service is the most convenient way to book malaria blood test in Pudukottai .

Who needs to take a malaria blood test?

If the patient have symptoms like muscle pain, severe chills, fatigue, fever, shivering, night sweating, diarrhoea, nausea, fast heart rate, headache or, he/she must have to take a malaria blood test immediately.

What happened if the test is positive?

If the malaria blood test is positive, It means that the person whose test is conducted is suffering from malaria. He/she must have to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Malaria is not a severe problem but, in some cases, where the patient is not treated on time it can become life threatening as well.