Every human body needs a certain amount of blood cells and iron to function in the right way. Its deficiency leads to a decrease in oxygen travel rate to the organs, which results in weakness in the body.

This condition makes the human body anemic. Anemia is a condition where the body's hemoglobin level drops and red blood cells in the body decrease. If you experience dizziness, skin pale, minor headaches, shortness of breath then you must go for anemia checkup packages in India to spot the disease early.


What all deficiencies we can detect through an Anemia checkup in India ?

Anemia checkups packages help you to detect vitamin, iron, and blood deficiency altogether.

What diet we should follow in Anemia disease after discovering it through a lab test?

• One should increase the intake of fruits and green vegetables in their diet to recover fast. You can also take vitamin tablets after consulting with a respective doctor.

What are the causes for anemia in females?

• Females experience anemia condition more due to heavy blood loss during menstruation. We can find this condition during pregnancy also because of poor diet and less iron intake in their food.

Are there any medicines for anemia?

• There are medicines out there for Anemia but one should first consult a doctor before taking any drug to avoid any side effects. However, the common covers for these medicines are an iron supplement, vitamin B-12, Folate supplement.

What Lab test is done to detect Anemia?

• The common Lab test for anemia is a blood test where an assistant checks the total blood count in your body.