In today's time, the strong immune system plays a crucial role in a healthy human lifestyle. A healthy body can be observed by examining its immune system as it fights the outer germs like bacteria and viruses and restricts them from entering the human body.

But the condition Autoimmune is where your immune system picks up the wrong signals and attacks your body itself. It misunderstood the healthy cells as bad trespassers and started fighting with them. It discharges the proteins which are autoantibodies and they strike healthy cells specially present in joints and skin.

It affects the body from one organ to the whole body depending on the type of autoimmune. Autoimmune checkup packages in India will help you to find out which type of autoimmune disease is present in your body.


How many types of autoimmune diseases are there?

• There are various ways where this disease affects our body. The common understanding in which we can segmentize is that some affect the particular organ and others affect the whole body. In this case, an autoimmune blood test will help you to know the particular type of disease.

What are the causes of autoimmune?

• Experts are still searching for the actual reason behind occurring this disease in the human body but some past research says that it happens due to drug side effects, poor diet, and the country’s habitat.

How much does it cost for an autoimmune blood test in India?

• The price varies as per the Pathology Lab's reputation & Experience. Mediyaar offers the lowest cost for autoimmune blood tests in India, you can book an appointment online & reserve a time slot at your convenience, and samples can be collected from your Home.

How can one prevent autoimmune disease?

• There are no such do's and don'ts to prevent this disease as this illness can only be detected by a blood test. However, a good diet can make your immune system strong which you can include fish oil, vitamin C, Vitamin D, and probiotics