A healthy diet is very important to keep our blood sugar and pressure in control as it decreases the risk of many diseases related to the heart, bones, and nerves. Nowadays, Lifestyle practice is the main reason for fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Both high and low sugar in the blood is dangerous to the body. Diabetes is a very common disease among human beings; it develops from high sugar levels in the blood which a person gets from the bad food habits like overeating of gluten, sweets, rice, etc. Whereas Low blood sugar level happens because of a lack of particular sugar in the blood and it can happen due to many reasons like not having a meal on time or skipping them on regular basis, Taking excessive insulin, or diabetic medicines.

Blood sugar checkup packages in India can be very helpful for finding your irregular sugar levels. Having a sugar blood test done once every month can be very valuable for your health as it can predict many prospect illnesses in a person's body.


What diet should human follow to raise sugar level in blood?

• Low blood sugar level patient can include raisins, fruits, honey, fat mill in their diet as it’s the natural way to boost sugar level if low.

How to reduce blood sugar level quickly?

• Many changes in diet help a person in decreasing the sugar level. Doing regular workout, drinking good amount of water will also help in making the blood sugar level balanced.