The human body includes 206 bones in total which gives a proper setup for the body from the head and skull to the feet's toes. They are a very important component as they help a person in doing regular movements like standing, moving, sitting, running, walking, etc. A healthy and fit person can be recognized by the motion of their body's smooth joints and bone weight.

To be sure about bones and joint health, one must obtain regular bone & joint checkups.
There can be many diseases that can be identified through these online tests like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, Paget's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and many related. This will only be cured after obtaining the bone & joints checkup packages in kailashahar.

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What are the basic symptoms you observe in bone and joint problems?

• You will notice swelling, immobility, pain, and weakness in your joint areas and bones.

How much Bone and joint blood test is accurate?

• A blood test helps in catching the lack of minerals, calcium, and protein in the bones which also helps in reading the metabolism process that affects the bones.

What all tests are included in the bones and joints checkup packages?

• Diagnosis can be started with a blood test. Once you get irregular results you can go for an MRI, Ultrasound, or X-RAY, depending upon the advice of your medical Expert.

What type of diet should we take for bones?

• A person should increase the intake of food which have a good amount of calcium like dairy products, raw milk, plant-based drinks like soya milk, green vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, okra), soya beans, tofu, etc

What is the cost of bones & joint checkup tests in kailashahar?

• The price varies as per the Pathology Lab's reputation & experience. Mediyaar offers the lowest cost for bones & joint blood tests in kailashahar, you can book an appointment online & reserve a time slot as per your convenience, and samples can be collected from your Home.

Is ARTHROPATHY curable at home?

• Yes, a few home remedies, diet, and exercise can help in curing minor problems related to bones & joints but, to be sure one should not avoid an arthropathy checkup.