A healthy human body is a body that consists of many essential elements which have to be in aptitude amount. Any imbalance in those elements like cells, tissues, etc is destructive for the body and increases the chances of many diseases like cancer and tumor.

Cancer is a disease in which the human body cells start dividing themselves uncontrollably and also extend them to other body parts.
This leads to the occurrence of the tumor when this uncontrolled growth starts happening in the tissues like organs, muscles, and bones.
It's a very dangerous disease as slowly it weakens the human body by affecting majorly all the body parts and immune system.

cancer & tumor checkup is very common nowadays as today's pollution, lifestyle, eating habits, etc lead to many unpredictable diseases where cancer & tumor is the most difficult to diagnose in early stages.

So, to be sure a person should conduct regular blood tests at home to detect any kind of uninvited infection.

Pathology Labs in pudukottai for Cancer & Tumor Checkups

Kannan Lab

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Padma Lab

2749/2, East Raja Street, Pudukottai- 622001

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Precision Diagnostics

4077, South Fourth Street, Dhandapanipuram, Pudukottai- 622001

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How many tests are included in cancer & tumor checkup packages?

• There are almost 11 tests included in cancer & tumor checkup packages and almost all get results through blood samples.

What are the causes of cancer?

• There are many causes that usher to cancer disease like intake of tobacco, smoking, and alcohol. Use of plastics in the kitchen, Diet, obesity, virus, bacteria.

What is the main difference between cancer & tumor?

• When cells start dividing uncontrollably is called cancer and the cluster made by these cells which affects the body's tissues, organs, and glands, is known as a tumor.

How many types of tumors are there in cancer?

There are mainly three types of tumor

Cancerous - This tumor stretches itself to the tissues, glands, and other body parts. This tumor can come back after treatment

Noncancerous - This tumor is comparatively less dangerous than cancerous and not life-threatening as it does not affect the body that much but no doubt needs treatment.

Precancerous-This is the stage where the tumor is detected as noncancerous but can be turned into cancerous if not treated in time

Are blood tests packages for cancer & tumor expensive?

• It can be expensive for one and reasonable for another, but one should not think about prices when it comes to diagnosing serious diseases like cancer. The price for these test packages is very affordable and discounted on mediyaar.com