In today’s time, being physically fit is not a general choice but a major necessity for a human being. Looking physically fit and having healthy organs are two different things and that’s where people lack the impression of being fit.

A bad lifestyle affects cardiac heath the most and the heart is the major organ in the human body that pumps the blood to the vessels. The best way to prevent heart diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure is by choosing the right cardiac checkup packages in pudukottai.

A healthy heart needs good maintenance and to clear its doubt one should always go for regular cardiac checkups. Numerous tests come under health checkup packages and a person must have correct knowledge about it to understand his/her health better.

Pathology Labs in pudukottai for Cardiac ( Heart ) Checkups

Kannan Lab

5732, Shanthanathapuram 3rd Street, Pudukottai- 622001

Phone: ,(04322)223034

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Padma Lab

2749/2, East Raja Street, Pudukottai- 622001

Phone: ,(04322)221475

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Precision Diagnostics

4077, South Fourth Street, Dhandapanipuram, Pudukottai- 622001

Phone: ,(04322)233377

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How to identify correct cardiac check-up packages?

• One should always consult a regular cardiologist before obtaining a lab test for heart-related disease

Why should one attend regular heart check-ups?

• A person should always pay attention to their cardiac health and the heart plays a very crucial role in the human body as it helps in regulating the blood and oxygen level in the body. So, to maintain this, one should always go for regular cardiac checkups.

What are the approximate heart check-up package prices?

• An average At Home cardiac check-up starts from Rs 250 to350 and depends upon what tests you want to get done under a certain package.

What are heart check-up tests names?

• There are almost 12 tests that can be done at home like LP PLA2, Homocysteine, High sensitivity C-reactive protein (HS-CRP), LP(A), APO-B, APO-A1, lactate dehydrogenase, cardiac profile-advance, cardiac profile basic, cardiac risk markers, lipid profile, cardiac profile GT.

How to register for a heart check-up online?

• You can register for cardiac (heart) checkup packages by submitting your contact details and residential address on a website called and you'll get contacted by their team for scheduling your test date.

What is the LP PLA2 test?

LP PLA2 (lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2) is the test that specifically searches for lipoprotein in our blood. It helps in identifying the possibility of having a heart stroke and diseases related to it.

How much LP PLA2 test cost and what is the procedure for taking it?

LP PLA2 test cost you around RS 300 and no fasting needs to be done before taking it. It is done by taking a blood sample (SERUM) from your body.