Many studies show that childhood is the stage when a human develops the best part of their body & mind and that's why it is the most crucial time when one should begin to pursue healthy lifestyle habits which will help in maintaining physical and mental wellbeing for a lifetime.

However, children are very sensitive and more likely to get ill from viruses, infections, and bacteria. Their immune system is in the developing stage at this point so it is easier for diseases to enter children's bodies and make them sick.

Child health checkup packages in acharipallam are one of the most accurate sources to keep track of your children's health. These health checkup packages will help you in analyzing your child's weak body areas like where you have to pay more attention, depending on the results.

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Do blood tests help in child checkups?

• Yes, blood tests results will help you in detecting many problems, if there, in children's bodies related to the immune system, organs, bones, etc.

Are child health checkup packages expensive compared to adult health packages?

• No, in fact, child health tests are less expensive compared to adult health packages.

At which age does the human brain develops the most?

• Till the age of 5, the human brain develops the most compared to any other age. It left a long-lasting impact on the brain through whatever a child is learning and acquiring from birth to age 5.

From what age children should go for regular checkups?

• There is no particular age for regular checkups, but one should always consult a doctor before obtaining any such tests. Children's regular health checkups can start from the 3rd week of their birth.

Is full body checkups for a child beneficial?

• Yes, a full-body test is more beneficial than any other particular test as it detects all the feeble areas of the body and it is also more cost-effective.