A healthy diet is an essential aspect to keep our blood sugar and blood pressure in control as it decreases the risk of many diseases related to the heart, bones, and nerves.

Nowadays, poor lifestyle practices are the main reason for fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Both high and low sugar in the blood is dangerous to the body.

Diabetes is a very common disease among human beings, it develops from high sugar levels in the blood, which a person gets from the wrong kind of food habits like overeating gluten, sweets, rice, etc.

Diabetes checkup packages in kailashahar can be very helpful for finding your irregular sugar level. A diabetes blood test done once every month can be very valuable for your health as it can predict many prospective illnesses in a person's body.

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What are the basic symptoms of diabetes?

Some basic symptoms which can be observed by anyone easily

• Rise in toilet visits, particularly at night
• Feeling thirsty all-day
• Weakening of eyesight
• Wounds taking time in healing
• Body tiredness all the time

Which test is best to detect diabetes?

• Blood sample test is the best to find out if you have diabetes or not.

What diet should we follow to avoid diabetes?

• Decrease the intake of sugar, fatty food, processed food, sodas, etc, which affect and raise your blood sugar level. Increase protein, whole grain, green vegetables, fruits, boiled meat, etc.

Are Diabetes checkup packages expensive?

• These packages include around 14 tests, which are obtained from the blood sample test. It starts from Rs 80 to 100 depending on which package you choose.