Infertility is defined as a state in which a woman's ability to become pregnant and give birth is impeded or reduced in some way. This is typically noticed after one year of trying to conceive for couples. It can be diagnosed shortly, counting on various factors. Female infertility, often known as 'female factor infertility' ensues when the reason for infertility is discovered to be due to the female partner.

This is very common nowadays as almost 10% of the women population is dealing with infertility. This condition commonly increases when a woman starts getting old. Female infertility checkup packages in amadalavalasa will help you to find out the reason behind it if you are dealing with the same issue.

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Does a blood sample test helps in detecting infertility problems?

• Yes, a blood test helps the doctor to review follicle-stimulating hormones in a woman's body.

What tests are included in female infertility checkup packages?

• Free testosterone test, luteinizing hormone (LH), and Infertility profile GT are included in this package.

What are the causes of infertility in females?

• There are many causes of infertility in females like the poor condition of body organs, problems in the ovary, uterus, egg counts, and fallopian tubes.
• All these factors are either because of genetics and body issues OR can happen due to many reasons like an irregular menstruation cycle, smoking, bad eating habits, stress, aging, being underweight, and obesity.

What are the ways in which a woman can improve fertility level?

Infertility improvement process can be done in many ways

• Quit smoking and alcohol, these damages the egg counts and healthy eggs in your body.
• Don't be overweight or underweight. Maintain a proper weight according to your BMI.
• Do exercise regularly if you have PCOS. Yoga and meditation will also help.
• Improve your diet like avoid junk foods, extra carbs, food that makes you lazy, and start having vegetables & fruits enriched with vitamin C, protein, whole grains.
• Take proper rest and calm your mind by removing stress.