In this pandemic period, when diseases such as the covid virus, jaundice, and dengue are at their peak, and nobody is secure enough from not getting infected by them, one should always observe and pay attention to his/her body's temperature, which might lead to fever.

Fever is the condition when a human body's temperature rises from its normal temperature. It is a warning that your immune system gives when something is not right within your body.

This condition can occur due to multiple reasons. Fever checkup packages in kailashahar helps you in finding out the root cause behind fever.

A blood sample test will give you surety for around six tests results related to fever.

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How can we be sure that we have a fever?

• We can always check our body temperature at home through a thermometer. If it is between 97.5°F to 99.5°F then one should not worry as it is a normal oscillation that happens in the body throughout the day. It is considered a fever if the body's temperature is 100.4°F (38°C) or higher.

Can anyone have corona without fever?

• Yes, you may have corona despite not feeling feverish. Any other symptoms like cold, cough, headaches can be a sign of corona infection. But one should not ignore this kind of condition and for surety get fever checkups done as soon as possible because maybe it is just in the initial stage and later you'll get high fever.

How long does a dengue fever last?

• Dengue fever can last from 4 days to 2 weeks. This depends on the condition and recovery rate.

Does blood testing at home help in detecting jaundice?

• Yes, the very first test which any Doctor will suggest you after detecting basic yellow symptoms of jaundice, will be a blood test as it helps the doctor in examining the hemoglobin protein in old red blood cells.

How can we know which disease we are experiencing as fever is a common symptom?

• To know the root cause of the fever in your body, you must obtain a blood test, which is included in fever checkup packages.