In today's polluted environment, where air quality, water quality, and food quality are all deteriorating, living beings are attracting a slew of bacteria and viruses that are causing damage to human health. Like any other disease, the hair loss problem is one of the major concerns nowadays.

Hair loss can be due to many reasons:

• Hereditary
• scalp infection
• Pregnancy
• hormonal misbalance
• Aging
• Poor hair care
• Pollution
• Medications side effects

All these can be detected through hair loss checkup packages. Hair loss checkup in ambur is safe to obtain and give you accurate results of the reason behind hair fall.

Pathology Labs in ambur for Hair Loss Checkups

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How does a hair loss checkup test happen?

There are a few methods from which hair loss tests can be examined.

Scalp sample- A little sample of scalp skin is taken for microscope study to know the root cause.
Hair pull- This is a bodily examination performed by a doctor. When the doctor pulls a little piece of hair, more than three hairs fall out, indicating that you have hair fall.
Blood test- A blood test is beneficial to know the CBC which affects hair loss.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

Some basic readable symptoms of hair loss are:

• Falling of hair on the pillow at night
• dry and yellowish scalp
• breaking of hair while combing
• Failing of hair from other body parts
• patchy baldness on the head

What illnesses cause hair fall?

• Diseases like Thyroid, alopecia areata, ringworm (scalp infection).

Which medication causes hair fall?

• Medication used in depression, heart problems, cancer, arthritis, High BP causes hair falls.

Which tests are included in the hair loss checkup package, are they costly?

• You will be tested for hair analysis and hair analysis profile results which start from Rs- 1,700 to 2000 only