In today's polluted environment where air qualities, water quality, food quality all are questionable, we can witness impurity around ourselves very commonly. By such factors, we can get infected from anywhere at any time. This starts from a mild condition and can end up in life-threatening conditions.

Infection is defined as the entry of disease-causing microorganisms (pathogens) that expand and grow themselves inside the body and affect the immune system and body tissues. It is a transmissible and communicable disease. Multiple kinds of infection can be detected through Infection checkup packages in kailashahar.

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What are the types of infection?

There are almost six main types of infections

• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Fungi
• Prions
• Parasites
• Arthropods

A blood sample test has to be done to know the type of infection in the human body.

What are the symptoms & signs of infection?

• Symptom and signs of infection depend on the type of infection.
• Some affect the entire body such as fever, fatigue, aches, pains, chills, sweats.
• Some affect the outer body which is visible and more transmissible such as itching, rashes, acne, red eyes, hair fall.
• That's why regular infection checkups are important to observe if any changes in the body are happening.

What are the causes of Infections?

• An infection is caused by any form of the organism that has infiltrated the body. A viral infection, for example, is caused by a particular virus.

• Infection symptoms, such as puffiness or a runny nose, are caused by the immune system's effort to eliminate the invading organism.

Infection checkup packages in kailashahar are built to know the main cause behind the infections.

How to prevent ourselves from infections?

There's no thumb rule for preventing ourselves from all infections. But there are a few methods that everyone can follow to stay secure.

• Often wash your hands. Keep disinfected hand-wash-only washrooms.
• Avoid eating non covered food kept for a long time.
• Clean your surroundings like home surface especially kitchen and washroom area.
• Take medicines after consulting from the doctor only.
• Avoid touching substances in crowded areas.
• Avoid STDs by taking precautions during intercourse.
• Keep taking recommended vaccinations and be updated about them.
• Get regular blood tests done at home to avoid any future unnoticeable infection. Infection checkups are useful to bypass any infection.