Human existence has grown extremely stressful in recent years. Competition and the temptation to upgrade their lifestyles are forcing people to work longer hours and worrying about a variety of issues that are harming their physical and mental health.

These life patterns lead to many deficiencies in the human body and Infertility is one of them. Infertility is a condition where women don't get pregnant after trying unprotected sex for one year and more. Its cause is not dependent on only women but men are equally part of it. If you have this disease, you should have a checkup for infertility. Depending on the kind of ailment, infertility checkup packages in damoh comprise a variety of tests relevant to this issue.

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How infertility test for men is done?

Man infertility test is based on many factors but some common tests are:

• Test of male semen
• Blood test
• Hormone level testing

These tests help in analyzing the men's infertility situation and the treatment that has to be done according to it.

What are the types of infertility?

There are 2 types of infertility:

1. Primary Infertility - This refers to the situation when a couple is not able to make conceiving happen even once in their lifetime.

2. Secondary Infertility - This refers to the situation when a couple is unable to make pregnancy happen after their first child.

If you are unsure about the condition you should first obtain a blood test checkup for infertility in damoh on

What are the symptoms of infertility in females?

Some symptoms of infertility in females which can be observed are:

• The most common symptom of infertility is not being able to conceive after a long period of trying
• Irregular periods
• Obesity
• Pcod/s
• Hormonal changes

Symptoms of infertility in men

• Erectile dysfunction
• Pain and swelling in testicle during or after intercourse
• Low sperm count
• Decrease in sexual desires

What are the main reasons behind infertility in men and women?

The main causes which generate infertility conditions in men and women are:

• Use of tobacco and alcohol
• Poor diet
• Carrying any untreated STD
• Stressed lifestyle
• Hormonal imbalances.
• Aging (40 +)