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To help Diagnose Wilson Disease; & Conditions associated With Copper Deficiencies

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CERULOPLASMIN by Thyrocare is group test which is originally priced at Rs 750 and now available at a discounted price of Rs. 740 which is inclusive of taxes .Fasting Not Required for CERULOPLASMIN and sample can be collected at your home.

Wilson's disease is considered by lower than normal levels of copper in the blood and higher than average levels of copper in the urine.You could also have a ceruloplasmin test to figure out the causes of low copper (copper deficiency).

Copper has a major impact on the body by supporting essential physiological processes. These include generating energy, creating connective tissue, and assisting your nervous system in its daily operations (CNS).

The liver, brain, and other body tissues and organs indicate an abnormal accumulation of copper as a result of Wilson's disease. Hepatolenticular Degeneration is another name for it.

The amount of ceruloplasmin in your body can be measured with a ceruloplasmin test. Wilson's disease is a rare genetic illness, and the test is frequently used to diagnose it.

The important mineral copper is essential for the regulation of iron metabolism, the development of connective tissue, cellular energy production, and nervous system function. In order to generate ceruloplasmin, copper attaches to a protein in the liver and is then released into the bloodstream.

Copper is absorbed from food and liquids by the intestines before being transported to the liver, where it is stored or used to make a variety of enzymes. It is a hereditary condition that can result in excessive copper deposits in the brain, liver, eyes, and other organs.

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CERULOPLASMIN : Report - Procedure

Test Price : Rs. 740 ( Tax included )

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Ceruloplasmin Test Usage

Every cell in the body needs the macronutrient protein, which is an important one. Skin, hair, muscle and bone tissue as well as other bodily tissues can be built and repaired due to it. Blood coagulation, immune system responses, hormones and enzymes all depend on proteins.

The level of ceruloplasmin in your blood is determined by ceruloplasmin test. The liver produces the protein ceruloplasmin. It receives copper from the liver, stores it in the blood, and transports it to areas of your body where it is needed.

Ceruloplasmin has a 95% affinity for copper, which is present in the blood. As a result, the ceruloplasmin test in India may be used in conjunction with one or more copper tests to aid in the diagnosis of Wilson's disease.

A Ceruloplasmin Test will be recommended by your doctor in India if they are suspicious that you may have Wilson's disease, a hereditary illness. If you have Wilson's disease your body is unable to transport copper efficiently.

Faqs for Ceruloplasmin test in India

What is Ceruloplasmin Deficiency?

if your blood copper levels are abnormally high or low, it may indicate a significant medical condition.

• When your body is unable to adequately absorb nutrients, it experiences malabsorption.
• Malnutrition happens when your diet is deficient in certain nutrients.
• An uncommon genetic condition known as Menkes disease causes incorrect copper absorption in the body.
• When you receive all of your meals and nutrients intravenously, this is known as total parenteral nutrition (through an IV).
• High dietary zinc concentrations inhibit the absorption of copper in the intestines.

When to get the Ceruloplasmin Test done?

Symptoms of Wilson's disease are largely neurological, psychological, and hepatic (or liver-related), and may include:

• Fatigue
• Yellowing skin and eyes
• Red rash on body
• Nausea
• Joint pain
• Drool over
• Prone to injury
• Loss of appetite
• Anemia
• Behavior variation

What are the uses of Ceruloplasmin blood test?

If you display symptoms of Wilson's disease, your doctor may suggest a ceruloplasmin blood test. Although many people do not consume enough copper, it is uncommon for someone to actually be deficient in copper. Anemia, a low body temperature, osteoarthritis, a poor white blood cell count, unstable pulse, skin colour changes and thyroid issues are all indications of a potential copper shortage. You can determine whether you have low, average, or high amounts of ceruloplasmin by taking a blood test. The results, like other health variables, can help your doctor identify the origin of your symptoms.

How a Ceruloplasmin Test in India can be scheduled?

All major Labs in in India, provide the CERULOPLASMIN test service. You can book Ceruloplasmin Testing in India fromThyrocare on mediyaar. Thyrocare is aour reputableWELLNESS lab partner where you can schedule your Ceruloplasmin Test and get yoursamplespicked upright from your home in India

What is the cost of Ceruloplasmin Test price in India

Ceruloplasmin Test price in India depends on the reputation & experience of the lab ,we at mediyaarfacilitates affordable blood test services at home which can be booked by filling up the form on the top of this page .

How do you get ready for a Ceruloplasmin Test?

Fasting is necessary for the Ceruloplasmin blood test, In general, drinking a lot of water prior to a blood test can assist eliminate the blood. Your veins won't tighten if you stay hydrated, and your blood pressure won't fluctuate much.

Who needs to take Ceruloplasmin blood test?

Children under the age of five who exhibit Menkes disease symptoms may require a ceruloplasmin test. Within the first month of life, ceruloplasmin testing should be performed on infants who exhibit Menkes disease symptoms. Early intervention may enhance results and lessen the likelihood of a severe developmental delay.

What causes high ceruloplasmin levels?

Remember that a high ceruloplasmin level does not necessarily indicate a medical issue. Both pregnancy and the usage of birth control tablets can result in elevated levels of ceruloplasmin. Injuries, infections, and irritation can also cause an increase in ceruloplasmin levels.

What happens if Ceruloplasmin is high?

Signs and Symptoms of high Ceruloplasmin (Menkes disease) include:

• Muscular tone not developing
• Absence of growth
• Seizures
• Unmanageable or knotted hair
• Having trouble eating

If you exhibit any of the warning signs or symptoms of a problem of copper storage or metabolism, your doctor may suggest this test.

What does low levels of Ceruloplasmin mean?

Low ceruloplasmin can sometimes be the result of a copper shortage alone rather than a more serious condition.Low levels of ceruloplasmin may indicate that your body is not utilising copper effectively. It might mean:-

• kidney illness
• liver illness.
• Wilson's illness
• malnourishment or malnourishment.
• Menkes illness

Copper sources in meals and fruits

Numerous foods, including almonds, chocolate, mushrooms, mussels, and liver, contain the element copper. It is essential for a number of physiological functions, including the formation of energy, melanin, and strong bones.

Some examples include:

• Fruits like Durian, Avocado, Guava, Pomegranate, Kiwi fruit, Blackberries, Pineapple
• Nuts and seeds
• Leafy Greens like Spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale
• Liver, Oysters, Mushrooms
• Dark Chocolate