List of Health Checkup Packages in Datia

Allergy Test Packages

4 Tests Starting Rs.700

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Allergy Test Packages help to find out which substances are causing your allergy symptoms.

Bone & Joints Test Packages

4 Tests Starting Rs.1870

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Bone & Joints Test helps to assess bone density, joint health, and potential conditions like arthritis or RA Factor

Cancer & Tumor Test screens for tumor markers and potential cancerous growths, and allows early detection.

Cholesterol Test Packages

12 Tests Starting Rs.175

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Cholesterol Test helps to measures the levels of good and bad cholesterol, guiding dietary, lifestyle, and estimate your risk of heart diseases.

Corona Virus / COVID-19 Test Packages is used to check whether you have symptoms and whether or not.

Diabetes Test Packages

10 Tests Starting Rs.70

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Diabetes Test helps to monitors blood sugar levels, assessing risk or management of diabetes.

Fever Test Packages

6 Tests Starting Rs.175

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Fever Test helps to identify causes of fever, differentiating between viral, bacterial, or other infections.

Hair Fall Test Packages

2 Tests Starting Rs.1869

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Hair Fall Test helps to analyze reasons for hair loss, including nutritional, hormonal, or genetic factors and its treatment.

Cardiac (Heart) Test helps to check heart function, risk factors, and potential issues, ensuring optimal cardiovascular health management.

Hormone Test Packages

8 Tests Starting Rs.220

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Hormone Test helps to evaluate hormonal imbalances related to thyroid, reproduction, or stress, enabling personalized therapeutic solutions.

Infection Test Packages

18 Tests Starting Rs.175

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Infection Test helps to detect bacterial, viral, or fungal infections, assisting in pinpointing causes and tailoring antibiotic or antiviral therapies.

Infertility tests are diagnostic evaluations that assess the reproductive capabilities of both males and females to identify fertility issues.

Kidney Test Packages

12 Tests Starting Rs.175

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Kidney Test helps to measure kidney function and health, detecting potential disorders or diseases.

Lifesytle & Wellness Packages

21 Tests Starting Rs.710

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Lifestyle & Wellness Packages is a complete health assessment focusing on lifestyle factors, offering recommendations for enhanced well-being.

Liver Test Packages

13 Tests Starting Rs.287

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Liver Test assesses liver enzymes and functions, vital for diagnosing liver conditions.

Men's Health Checkup Packages

18 Tests Starting Rs.1119

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Men's Health Checkup targeting male-specific health concerns, ensuring early detection and prevention.

Pregnancy Test Packages

21 Tests Starting Rs.140

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The pregnancy Test helps to determine the presence of hCG hormone, indicating if a woman is pregnant.

Senior Citizen Health Checkup: Tailored examinations for the elderly to monitor age-related health conditions.

Sexual Health Test Packages

5 Tests Starting Rs.435

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Sexual Health checkup helps to evaluate reproductive health and functions, ensuring overall sexual well-being.

STD Test Packages

8 Tests Starting Rs.175

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STD Test package helps to detect sexually transmitted diseases to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

Thyrocares Packages

21 Tests Starting Rs.680

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Thyrocares Packages is a comprehensive health diagnostic service that focuses on overall health assessments.

Thyroid Test Packages

10 Tests Starting Rs.165

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The Thyroid Test helps to measure thyroid hormone levels to diagnose hyperthyroidism in the blood.

Complete Vitamin Test helps to determine levels of essential vitamins, ensuring timely supplementation and well-being.

Women Health Checkup Packages

19 Tests Starting Rs.175

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Women Health Checkup packages is a comprehensive test for women's unique health needs, emphasizing prevention and early detection.