In today’s time, being physically active is not a matter of choice but a major necessity for a human being. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is the only key to achieving long life which includes healthy diets, exercise, and checkups because looking presentably fit and having healthy organs, are two different things and that’s where people lack the impression of being fit.

Cholesterol is a thick matter present in the human blood. To produce healthy blood cells, the body should have the right amount of cholesterol as a high level of it raises the risk of cardiac disease, whereas a low level of it affects the grease status in the body and also changes the level of hormones and leads to many mental illnesses.

Cholesterol checkup packages in India help you to keep track of your body fat and maintain the best amount of it for better functioning of the body.


What are the symptoms of high cholesterol?

• Its symptoms are nothing theoretical but feeling heaviness in the chest, over sweating, and heart pains. A blood test will help you to detect this condition if you are feeling any of these.

What all tests are included in cholesterol checkup packages?

• Through blood samples test you can get results of mainly 3 . i.e. HbA1c, DIABETIC PROFILE- BASIC, DIABETIC PROFILE- ADVANCED.

What diet should we take in high and low cholesterol?

• In high and low cholesterol you should increase your intake of beans, boiled vegetables, fruits, and plant protein. One should avoid processed food, fried food, red meat, and full-fat dairy, with high cholesterol.

Is fasting compulsory in cholesterol blood testing?

• There is no compulsion for fasting before cholesterol blood testing but some experts say fasting gives better results.

What is the ideal rate of cholesterol level that a person should have?

• An ideal cholesterol level should be 200mg/dl or less for adults.