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Anti-Mullerian Hormone- AMH Test in Visakhapatnam

AMH Test in Visakhapatnam measures the level of anti-mullerian hormone in a blood sample, which corresponds to a person's egg count

AMH Test Price in Visakhapatnam : Rs. 1675

AMH test or Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is performed to check levels of AMH in the blood. High and low levels of AMH in an unborn baby determine the development of sex organs. A low range of AMH is sufficient for female infants. A high range helps in the development of male reproductive organs.

AMH plays an important role in affecting the reproductive health of women. Egg reserve affects the chances of pregnancy in a woman. Anti-Müllerian Hormone test reports show the details of the same.

The test is conducted at Thyrocares diagnostic labs, and the blood sample collection happens at home. You can choose our services to get the best AMH test price in in Visakhapatnam with us. We make our service affordable and customer-friendly.

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Book Your AMH Test at Home in Visakhapatnam ::


Home sample collection charges: Rs. 0 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs.

AMH Test Sample Report AMH Test Sample Report

Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Info & Procedure

Test PriceRs. 1675 ( Tax included )
Group Name Pregnancy & Infertility panel
Fasting Fasting not required
Sample Type Blood
Appointment Online Appointment
Booking Procedure Complete the form online
Sample Collection Expert collect samples at Home
Reports Delivered Online within 24-48 Hrs*
Report type Email & Hardcopy ( On request )

What is an AMH Test?

It is a blood test that helps in knowing the egg reserve in a female. The AMH test serves to know the exact range of anti-mullerian hormone and reproductive health of a woman. Reproductive organs produce AMH in the body. In a female body, AMH hormone level impacts the health of reproductive organs and a normal range is good for pregnancy. It is possible that a female is having infertility abnormalities and trouble getting pregnant. The role of the AMH Test, therefore, is to assess that. Women undergoing IVF procedures opt for AMH tests. The test determines the woman’s response to the IVF treatment. With a better response, the ovarian stimulus becomes easier. 

This hormone helps to know sexual differences post-birth. An insufficient level could cause ambiguous genitalia. The test also assesses the risk of ovarian cancer. Based on the results, the doctor prescribes the right treatment. For males, the test gives a clear picture of the function of the testicles.


Key factors affecting the suggestion of AMH Test

The following are the reasons for AMH Test:

  • To check if a woman can produce eggs and how much egg reserve remains.

  • Reasons for early menopause and taking the required action to regulate it.

  • To detect the reasons behind the high range of AMH. A high range of AMH handles health issues, such as PCOS and ovarian cancer. It detects the cause of early puberty in some individuals.

  • To check the function of testicles in newborn male babies.


Importance of the AMH Test

Women planning to get pregnant should get the test. It helps to analyze the ovarian reserve. This helps in determining fertility and pursuing the right treatment. Women suffering from premature menopausal symptoms can do the test to balance their symptoms and avoid further problems.

The test is beneficial for women with PCOS or ovarian cancer. It can help understand the condition better. Curing these problems is effective with AMH test results.


Who needs the AMH Test?

The eligibility for taking an AMH Test is:

  • For women, who are experiencing early menopausal symptoms such as heat flashes, sleeping problems, etc.

  • Women having difficulty getting pregnant and trying to opt for fertility treatments.

  • Having irregular periods and sudden changes in body weight.

  • Have ovarian cancer or PCOS and are undergoing treatment for the same.

  • Women who are experiencing hormonal disorders.


Home Sample Collection for AMH Blood Tests in Visakhapatnam

If you book the AMH test with Mediyaar in Visakhapatnam, a home sample collection will be available for you. We make the testing services easy for you. After the booking procedure is completed, your blood sample will be collected from your given residential address. The sample is further submitted to our NABL-certified labs for testing. 


Book the AMH Test Online Near You in Visakhapatnam With Mediyaar Healthcare

We have the availability of online booking for you in Visakhapatnam and other cities too. You can simply open the website page, complete the form, select an appointment time and book. Once the booking is done, a payment link will be generated and sent to your phone. After the payment is completed, a phlebotomist from our lab will be assigned to you. He will reach at your place and collect the blood sample.

AMH Test Sample Report

Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Sample report & Ranges

Conducted at Thyrocare Labs
Lab Accreditation CAP, NABL, ICMR, NGSP, ISO
Method One-Step Immunoenzymatic ("Sandwich") Assay
Technology C.L.I.A
Supervision Dr Sachin Patil MD (Path)
AGE AMH Levels in Females
18 - 25 Years 0.96 - 13.34
26 - 30 Years 0.17 - 7.37
31 - 35 Years 0.07 - 7.35
36 - 40 Years 0.03 - 7.15
41 - 45 Years < 3.27
Results Highly Specific

What is the normal range of AMH to get pregnant?

The normal level of AMH to get pregnant should be between 1.0 - 4.0 ng/ml. This level increases the possibility of getting pregnant. Anything below 1.0 ng/ml is low and not considered ideal for pregnancy.


The AMH test price in Visakhapatnam is Rs. 1675/- keeping in mind our commitment to serving our customers in the best possible way. Whether you’re in Visakhapatnam or any other location, the prices are economical for the tests. You can choose the AMH test without worrying about the same and get your health priorities sorted with us.

A woman can be tested even during her menstruation. Otherwise, it can be done by the recommendation of the gynecologist. There could be several reasons for the OB-GYN to recommend the test. It could be any menstrual irregularity or problems regarding fertility.

There is no special requirement for a precaution before the AMH Test. However, it is advised by the doctors that one must have a good sleep and a relaxed mind before the test. Anxiety or stress can impact the test results.

The test helps in determining the levels and helps patients to plan their treatments. The AMH test helps a woman to know the overall chances of pregnancy. It is helpful in determining the reproductive health of a woman. In males, the test helps to determine the function of testiculars.

The normal level of AMH to get pregnant should be between 1.0 - 4.0 ng/ml. This level increases the possibility of getting pregnant. Anything below 1.0 ng/ml is low and not considered ideal for pregnancy.

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