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CA 125 test price

Also known as Ca 125 Tumor Marker , Cancer antigen 125 , to Monitor Treatment for Ovarian cancer or to Detect Recurrence of Disease

Now in Rs. 740

CA-125 by Thyrocare is group test which is originally priced at Rs 750 and now available at a discounted price of Rs. 740 which is inclusive of taxes .Fasting Not Required for CA-125 and sample can be collected at your home.

CA-125, also recognized as cancer antigen 125, is a protein that has been found in the cells of ovarian cancer patients. The level of cancer antigen 125 inside the blood is measured by a blood test. Cells synthesize the protein, which can be detected in the blood.

During and after therapy, A CA-125 blood test could be used to detect ovarian cancer. It can be used to look for early indicators of ovarian cancer in women who are at a greater risk for the disease in some circumstances. However, because many other illnesses can generate abnormal levels, this test isn't precise enough to monitor for ovarian cancer in all women.

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Home Sample Collection Charges: Rs. 0 per person

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Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs. 740

CA-125 CA-125

CA-125 : Report - Procedure

Test Price : Rs. 740 ( Tax included )

  • Group Name – Cancer & Tumor
  • Fasting Not Required
  • Sample Type - Blood (SERUM )
  • Highly specific results
  • Affordable technique
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CA-125 is a health checkup package which includes important parameters.

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In order to track the course of ovarian cancer, a CA-125 test in India is frequently prescribed by medical professionals. Before someone is treated for ovarian cancer, their levels in the blood are evaluated. Treatment effectiveness is usually shown by a decrease in antigen levels during and after treatment. Test values that rise after treatment could indicate a relapse of the disease.

This blood test is performed at pathology over several years after ovarian cancer therapy to ensure that the illness was effectively cured. It's usually governed every 2 to 4 months for the first two years after cancer treatment is finished. Following this, the test is scheduled every six months for the next three years, and thereafter once a year. Home sample collection service is available once you book the test on mediyaar


What is the price of CA 125 Test in India?

Test prices vary from time to time based on the reputation and amenities of the test center. However, Mediyaar offers the best-discounted rate if the test is booked online through its web portal. The test is performed using ultra-modern equipment & technologies at Thyrocare labs.

How does this Test works?

Once you book the test online, A trained technician visits your home at the time slot selected by you and draws blood from a vein in your arm. A blood sample is taken and delivered to a laboratory for testing. You can instantly resume your normal routine.

How to book a test for CA-125 in India?

It is advisable to take a prior appointment to book the test you can avail of the facility by visiting the majority of Labs or by simply ordering the test online on Mediyaar where the lab technician will visit your home in India for sample collection.

Is there any danger in taking the test?

Having a blood test carries relatively little risk. Although you may suffer little discomfort or redness where the injection was put, most symptoms will fade quickly. In some patients, a little drowsiness can be seen after the blood test, but it goes off once you consume water & takes a few minutes of rest

What do the Cancer Antigen test results suggest?

If you're being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you can be tested numerous times. If your levels have decreased as a result of testing, it usually implies your cancer is reacting to therapy. If your levels rise or remain unchanged, it could indicate that your cancer is not operating as expected.

What Levels are Cancer Indicators?

CA 125 has a typical range of 0 to 35 units/ml. While a level of more than 35 indicates the presence of cancer, this doesn't always imply that the person has cancer. A level of more than 35 is simply a risk factor.

What is a normal range of the test ?

Various laboratories' normal levels may differ somewhat. The typical value ranges from 0 to 35 units/ml in most laboratory facilities.

Can it test detect all types of cancers?

No, It doesn’t detect all cancer. This test is prescribed for the treatment and monitoring of ovarian cancer. It may also be advised used for cancer in your fallopian tubes or peritoneum.

What indicates a high CA-125 levels in blood?

High values could be a sign of ovarian cancer. But it may also indicate other conditions like pregnancy, fibroids, and endometriosis. Your doctor may further refer you for a scan to check for the causes of High levels

When should you go for the test?

If your medical expert suspects symptoms like stomach pain, Persistent bloating, frequent urination, and Difficulty eating that could be caused by ovarian cancer, he may refer to a blood test following a physical abdominal or vaginal examination. It is important if the symptoms are frequent &persistent.

What is the purpose of CA-125 test?

It is used to measure the treatment for ovarian cancer. If the levels go down over a period of time, that means you are responding well to the treatment. If carried out periodically It may also monitor if cancer comes back after the treatment. The test is conducted to evaluate if a patient has symptoms or is suspected of having ovarian cancer.