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Test to help investigate the formation of inappropriate Blood Clots or to help Determine the Cause of Recurrent Miscarriage.

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CARDIOLIPIN ANTIBODY (ACL) - IgM by Thyrocare is group test is now available at a discounted price of Rs. 500 which is inclusive of taxes .Fasting Not Required for CARDIOLIPIN ANTIBODY (ACL) - IgM and sample can be collected at your home.

Cardiolipin antibodies are antibodies produced by our own immune system that target the cardiolipin of the body, which results in mitochondrial dysfunction and eventually hampers the natural blood clotting cycle, resulting in abnormal blood clotting.

Cardiolipin is a phospholipid present in the membranes of mitochondria containing two phosphate and four fatty acyl chains. This cardiolipin consists of a total lipid composition of 20% of our body. Its function is to repair damaged cells, and it also helps in protein synthesis. Cardiolipin is very important in the functioning of the mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of the cell.

There are three groups of cardiolipin antibodies found in the body, namely: IgG, IgM, and IgA.

The most common tests out of these are IgG and IgM. If the symptoms still exist, then an IgA test is performed. The detection of IgM antibodies is very valuable in diagnosing auto-immune disorders, whereas IgG antibodies are found in later stages of auto-immune disorders.Increased heart rates, leg pain and swelling, miscarriages, coughing, headaches, strokes, leg and hand discoloration, and other symptoms are common.

The symptoms should not be ignored and necessary steps should be taken immediately, as with proper consultation and medication, it is treatable.

The high level of these antibodies results in low blood platelet count and increased miscarriages, and also results in premature labour and dysfunctional birth. The high levels of these antibodies also increase the chances of autoimmunity diseases like lupus etc.

These auto antibodies are detected for a short period of time in people suffering from cancer, HIV, AIDS, etc.

The test is performed with a blood sample from the veins of the arm with no special preparation and is very cost-effective, usually priced around Rs 500. You can book a Cardiolipin Antibody IgM blood test sample collection online on

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Home Sample Collection Charges: Rs. 0 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs. 500


CARDIOLIPIN ANTIBODY (ACL) - IgM : Report - Procedure

Test Price : Rs. 500 ( Tax included )

  • Group Name – Autoimmune
  • Fasting Not Required
  • Sample Type - SERUM
  • Highly specific results
  • Affordable technique
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Cardiolipin Antibody IgM Blood Test

A Cardiolipin Antibody IgM blood test is generally performed to check the levels of cardiolipin antibody in the blood. The high level of these antibodies can cause serious medical issues like blood clotting, heart attacks, strokes, shortness of breath, pregnancy issues, etc. If a person faces symptoms like acute pain, headaches, strokes, or miscarriages frequently, this test should be performed followed by proper medical consultation with the doctor and diagnosis should be started.

A Cardiolipin Antibody IgM blood test specifies the amount of immunoglobulin M in our blood stream, which is an antibody in our system in response to a phospholipid or a certain kind of fat responsible for blood clotting known as Cardiolipin. This test can be used to detect the reason for frequent miscarriages, the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases like sprue, lupus, sclerosis, etc., and the detection of the cause of abnormal clotting in veins and arteries.

Cardiolipin Antibody IgM blood test procedure

-The test is done with the help of blood samples from the arm.
-First, the area is cleaned with rubbing alcohol, followed by blood collection.
-3mm-10mm is collected. Then, the area is covered by a cotton or gauze pad.
-This blood sample is then sent to the lab for analysis and the amount of cardiolipin antibody is analysed in the blood, giving results as Negative, High Positive, Low Positive, or Equivocal depending on the level of cardiolipin antibody.

Level of cardiolipin antibody

=12 Negative
13-19 Equidoral
20-80 Low Positive
>81 High Positive

FAQ for cardiolipin IgM test in India

What are the causes of high cardiolipin IgM?

A high Cardiolipin IgM level generally indicates the likelihood of auto-immune diseases such as lupus, spur, and others. Diseases alter the natural mechanism of the blood’s clotting ability and result in high levels of cardiolipin IgM.

What is the use of the Cardiolipin Antibody IgM Test?

The Cardiolipin Antibody IgM Test is used to detect the cause of frequent miscarriages and blood clotting.

It is also used in the detection and diagnosis of auto-immune diseases like Lupus, Sprue, etc. The occurrence of abnormal or unusual clotting in our bodies can easily be detected with the help of this test.

The detection of several diseases like Syphilis, Brechet’s disease, and Antiphospholipid Syndrome is done easily with the help of this test.

What happens if the cardiolipin antibody IgM level is high?

Generally, people with a high level of cardiolipin antibody IgM level face issues like frequent blood clots and/or miscarriage.

They do not necessarily need clinical attention and are advised to take rest for 5-8 weeks. High levels for more than 12 weeks indicate the presence of auto-antibodies and abnormal blood clotting.

Severe conditions may include strokes, blood clots in veins or having too low blood platelets in the blood. low-positive individuals and asked to have proper rest along with medication and observation.

What is the procedure for the Cardiolipin IgM blood test?

This test requires a blood sample from the vein of the arm to detect the levels of cardiolipin antibody in the body. According to the levels of the antibodies, the medication and the diagnosis start.

How can I test Cardiolipin IgM at home in India?

The person can get an appointment on, which includes specimen collection at home in India by the healthcare staff and results are made available within 24-48 hours without a physical visit to the laboratory.

How to book a Cardiolipin IgM Testin India?

You can book a Cardiolipin Antibody IgM blood test online in India by filling the form on top of the page.

-At first step, enter your Name, Age.
-Add Number of people and their details like Name and Gender if there are more than one person whos sample needs to be collected.
-Add the pincode of the locality in India, where the sample needs to be take from
-Book a time slot for sample collection.

How do you prepare for the Cardiolipin IgM blood test?

The test does not require any special preparation. No fasting or is required either for this test. Individuals have to just follow the instructions during specimen collection. The collected sample is sent to lab for analysis and the results can be expected between 24–36 hours.

How is the Cardiolipin IgM Blood Test performed?

Cardiolipin A blood test is performed with the help of blood samples from the veins of the arm. The sample is collected and the specimen is analyses for the levels of cardiolipin antibody presence. The report is generally provided between 24 hours and 36 hours.

Who needs to take a Cardiolipin IgM blood test?

The test needs to be performed if:

-A person experiences thrombotic syndrome more than once
-A woman is having frequent miscarriages
-Symptoms indicate autoimmune diseases
-Individuals are experiencing shortness of breath, headaches, acute pain, and strokes

What is the normal range for Cardiolipin IgM level?:

=12 Negative
13-19 Equidoral
20-80 Low Positive
>81 High Positive

A negative result means that the cardiolipin antibody that is being tested is not present in the body. High and intermediate positive levels persisting for more than 12 weeks indicate the presence of these antibodies in a significant number of cases and the need for medical assistance and diagnosis. Low-positive conditions generally do not need medical assistance, but it depends on the patient's previous medical history. However, this range is always different from laboratories to laboratories and equipment to equipment, so a consultation with a doctor is very important.