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In Men, the test May be ordered When infertility Is Suspected or When you have a Decreased Sex Drive or Erectile Dysfunction.

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TESTOSTERONE by Thyrocare is group test which is originally priced at Rs 390 and now available at a discounted price of Rs. 380 which is inclusive of taxes .Fasting Not Required for TESTOSTERONE and sample can be collected at your home.

A testosterone is a blood test that is administered to a patient to find out the level of testosterone hormone present in the blood. It may be used by doctors to diagnose specific conditions which will identify if the levels are low or high.

This is a masculinizing sex hormone that is produced by the reproductive organs of males called the Testicles. This sex hormone is responsible for bringing about bodily changes in males as they advance to puberty. It facilitates the development of secondary sex characteristics in males. These characteristics include facial hair, increased body hair, the enlargement of the larynx, increased height, and a prominent Adam’s Apple which is the cartilage that wraps around the front of your larynx — or voice box.

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Home Sample Collection Charges: Rs. 0 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs. 380


TESTOSTERONE : Report - Procedure

Test Price : Rs. 380 ( Tax included )

  • Group Name – Infertility
  • Fasting Not Required
  • Sample Type - SERUM
  • Highly specific results
  • Affordable technique
  • Fill the booking form
  • Expert collect sample at Home
  • Get report in 24/48 hrs

Why Choose Thyrocare for TESTOSTERONE

TESTOSTERONE is a health checkup package which includes important parameters.

Get tested for TESTOSTERONE at fully automated diagnostic laboratory Thyrocare which has Centralized Processing Lab (CPL) in Mumbai for esoteric tests and Regional Processing Labs in major cities of India.

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Thyrocare Technologies Limited has huge set up covering over 2 Lakh sq. ft. floor area ensures zero error processing if approx 50 thousand specimens and over 3 lakh Clinical investigations per day is the right choice for your TESTOSTERONE testing.

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Service for TESTOSTERONE test is available in all the major cities across India including New Delhi, Mumbai , Kolkata , Chennai , Hyderabad , Bangalore , Faridabad , Ghaziabad , Gurgaon , Guwahati , Indore , Jaipur , Kanpur , Lucknow , Madurai , Nagpur , Patna , Pune , Puri , Secunderabad , Surat , Vadodara , Varanasi , Vijayawada and 200 more tier 2 cities.

A testosterone blood test in India will identify the abnormal levels of the hormone in your body. A healthy level will keep the heart and the liver healthy, keep your bones strong, have a normal sex drive, and improve your mood.

It is important to have this test in case you have symptoms. It is a vital hormone that has many bodily functions. Thus patients diagnosed with T-level abnormalities should consult a doctor and take the prescribed medications on a regular basis.

The levels of this hormone produced in the male body induce the growth of the penis and the testicles. The testicles are divided into 200-400 lobes that contain 3-10 very thinly coiled tubes which produce sperm. This complex mechanism of tubes expels the sperm to the epididymis, for storage of the sperm. Low levels of this hormone in males may lead to conditions like infertility and hypogonadism.


What are the Symptoms & causes?

Symptoms of abnormal T-levels include weakness, fatigue, infertility, mood swings, insomnia, reduced or high sex drive, erectile dysfunction, excessive growth of hair, etc. abnormal T-levels may be caused by Type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and chronic diseases.

Why to take a this Blood Test?

It is advised to take a Testosterone blood test when one experiences the associated symptoms with it. This test will help your doctor understand your medical conditions and prescribe appropriate medication to regulate the required levels in the body.

What is the use of a Testosterone Test?

It is used to identify the levels of this important hormone present in the blood. As men and women age, their T-levels decrease naturally. It is vital to monitor your levels if you experience symptoms linked to abnormal levels. What is the procedure of this Test?

The test is taken mostly in the mornings when your hormone levels are the highest. Just like any other regular blood test, a healthcare professional will clean the skin surface with an antiseptic, to take the blood sample from a vein in your arm. The needle is then injected intravenously to collect the blood sample in a vial.

How to book a Testosterone Testin India?

You can book an appointment on for your blood test while sitting in the comfort of your home. By simply filling up the booking form on this page, you can book an appointment in advance where the technician will visit your home to collect the sample & reports will be sent to you within 48 Hrs.

How do you prepare for the Test?

If a patient has been told to take a fasting test in the morning, then the patient should not eat anything between midnight till the sample is taken. If medicines to regulate hormones are being taken, then it is advised not to take them before the test. If the patient is under any other medication, they should confirm with the doctor if they can take it before the test or not.

Where do I get this test in India?

Localities in India has several labs that offer this test. Popular ones include Thyrocare, Dr.Lal Path Labs, and many more. Mediyaar offers the test online where the sample is collected from your home & the test is conducted at world-renowned NABL-approved Thyrocare Labs.

What is the normal Testosterone level?

=MEN 300-1000 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dL)
=WOMEN 15-70 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dL)

Who needs to take a this test?

People who feel they have the symptoms of abnormal T-levels may take a test. Either high or low, both conditions will show significant symptoms. One can go for a test after confirming their symptoms with their doctor.

What happens if the level is high or low in Men and women?

In men, low levels cause erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive, mood swings, and loss of muscular strength. Whereas, men with high levels of testosterone may have a high sex drive, acne, aggressive behaviors, heart or liver problems, and increased blood pressure.

In women, low levels may cause weight gain, sluggishness, a reduced sex drive, muscle weaknesses, fatigue, sleep issues, and fertility issues. High levels in women may trigger excessive hair growth (mostly facial), balding, acne, an enlarged clitoris, and menstrual irregularity.

Does it also present in women?

Yes, It is also present in women, where it is converted into estrogen. Even though it is present in relatively smaller quantities in women, it plays an active role in the reproductive health of females. However, if the levels in females are beyond the normal range, they may experience male characteristics.

How to treat Low Testosterone levels?

Drugs and supplements are prescribed by a medical practitioner only for certain specified conditions and not for age-related low testosterone levels. The majority of this hormone in the human body is attached to proteins.