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CYSTATIN C test price

Test to assess your Kidney Function If you have known or Suspected Kidney Disease

Now in Rs. 500

CYSTATIN C by Thyrocare is group test is now available at a discounted price of Rs. 500 which is inclusive of taxes .Fasting Not Required for CYSTATIN C and sample can be collected at your home.

What is The Cystatin C Test?

Cystatin C is a tiny protein generated by all cells with a nucleus all across the body and found in a number of bodily fluids, such as the blood. It is constantly created, extracted from the blood by the kidneys, and broken up. This Cystatin C Blood Test assesses kidney function by measuring the level of cystatin C in the blood.

The glomeruli, clusters of microscopic blood capillaries in the kidneys that permit water, absorbed substances, and toxins to flow past their borders while holding blood cells and bigger proteins, filter cystatin C out of the blood. Filtrate fluid is made up of what goes through the glomeruli's walls.

Because creatinine is dependent on muscle mass, assessing kidney function in people who have an unusually high or low body weight may be inaccurate. Cystatin C is more dependable than creatinine as a marker of renal function because it is unaffected by body mass or diet.

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Home Sample Collection Charges: Rs. 0 per person

Hard Copy Required ( Rs. 75 Extra )

Total charges to be paid at time of test: Rs. 500


CYSTATIN C : Report - Procedure

Test Price : Rs. 500 ( Tax included )

  • Group Name – Kidney
  • Fasting Not Required
  • Sample Type - SERUM
  • Highly specific results
  • Affordable technique
  • Fill the booking form
  • Expert collect sample at Home
  • Get report in 24/48 hrs

Why Choose Thyrocare for CYSTATIN C

CYSTATIN C is a health checkup package which includes important parameters.

Get tested for CYSTATIN C at fully automated diagnostic laboratory Thyrocare which has Centralized Processing Lab (CPL) in Mumbai for esoteric tests and Regional Processing Labs in major cities of India.

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Service for CYSTATIN C test is available in all the major cities across India including New Delhi, Mumbai , Kolkata , Chennai , Hyderabad , Bangalore , Faridabad , Ghaziabad , Gurgaon , Guwahati , Indore , Jaipur , Kanpur , Lucknow , Madurai , Nagpur , Patna , Pune , Puri , Secunderabad , Surat , Vadodara , Varanasi , Vijayawada and 200 more tier 2 cities.

When other test findings (eGFR, creatinine, or urine albumin) are normal or intermediate, and an affected individual has few, if any, indications, detecting Cystatin C blood test may be helpful in the early diagnosis of kidney disease. In this scenario, the healthcare provider may wish to measure cystatin c to see if the chronic renal disease is present. So get yourself booked online Cystatin C Test in India at Mediyaar.

Cystatin C Test Cost in India:

Price: Starting from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000

The price of a Cystatin C blood test price in India can differ from Rs 400 to Rs 1000, relying on the locality and diagnostic laboratory's capabilities.


Why are you taking Cystatin C blood test test?

• If your medical professional suspects you have kidney issues, you will need this test. Cystatin C blood test may be required if you are an older person and your doctor wants to determine your risk of heart issues. However, this test procedure is not being done on a regular basis.

What further tests could be recommended in addition to this one?

• Other tests may be ordered by your healthcare professional to determine how successfully your kidneys filter impurities from your blood. The level of blood creatinine is another one of those assays.

Is there any danger in taking this test?

• A blood test involving a needle entails various hazards. Bleeding, infection, bruises, and lightheadedness are some of the symptoms. You may feel a tiny sting or pain when the needle pricks your arm or hand. It's possible that the area will be uncomfortable afterwards.

How do you prepare for this test?

Cystatin C blood test does not require any preparation. Ensure your doctor is informed of all your drugs, herbs, vitamins, and additions. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, as well as any illegal narcotics you might be utilising.

Why Should You Get Tested?

• If you have recognized potential kidney disease, you should go for Cystatin C blood test to check your kidney function, but only in certain situations where typical kidney function tests can be deceptive.