Blood Test Near Me

It's important to know the best blood testing lab near you so that you can get your results back quickly. Mediyaar offers a variety of blood tests including cholesterol level tests, diabetes tests, Sugar test , allergy test and hemoglobin A1c tests. We also offer more specialized blood tests such as those for infectious diseases like HIV or hepatitis as well as genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease.

Automated Pathology Laboratory

We at Mediyaar place a great deal of importance on laboratory procedures involving blood tests, and we concentrate our greatest attention on precision, speed, and accuracy. The test process is drastically reduced due to the use of bar-coding, automated analyzers, and bi-directional linking with laboratory automation. Minimal errors and accuracy are guaranteed by this combination of technology. The new method has introduced process improvement, quality testing, and worker safety. Our doctors and the team of pathologists, with the aid of automated tracers, double-check and validate each sample's findings.

Blood tests at your home

A regular blood test has become an essential part of our culture. It aids in the early detection and prompt treatment of any illnesses. Blood test samples are used to determine whether or not you have a disease. With a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, it's feasible to forget about these critical check-ups. Keeping this in mind, we at Mediyaar provide blood test sample collection on your doorstep. For us, it means providing a sense of warmth and security to our patients.

Mediayaar provides a home collection service for blood and urine tests by highly trained and experienced phlebotomists. Blood test sample home collection testing offers convenience, timeliness, and comfort.

Why Mediyaar for your Blood test ?

Mediyaar has distinguished itself in the delivery of medical diagnostics. Mediyaar is an online portal which connects to the finest diagnostic laboratories in India, thanks to our partners' most up-to-date equipment and NABL approval. Mediyaar offers a wide range of examinations, including pathology, radiology, and nuclear medicine. We strive to offer high-quality and trustworthy diagnostics at an accessible cost.

Our home collection service is both cautious and safe. Now, make an online appointment for your house to be picked up, and pay when the executive arrives. We are delighted to provide a cutting-edge laboratory with current technology to ensure more precise findings.


We offer a great range of routine tests and specialized diagnostic services in addition to providing immediate service after hours. Mediyaar is a healthcare company focused on providing quick medical answers with its comprehensive diagnostic, report evaluation, and expert consultation services all accessible from a single click of the finger. We take pleasure in making a positive impact on people , the environment, workplaces, and our customers by delivering dependable, efficient, and timely diagnostic information. We offer the most convenient blood tests at home service in India.

  • Care Management Approach
  • Mediyaar's behavioral health approach is based on a team-based, patient-centered strategy that aims to assist patients and their support networks in managing medical issues more efficiently and during blood tests.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Assessment
  • Mediyaar unites a team of healthcare experts from various disciplines to design a treatment strategy for effective blood tests that meets the needs of each patient.

  • Affordable Diagnostic Solutions
  • Mediyaar's mission is to provide low-cost Blood test & diagnostic services for a range of tests that are accessible to everyone.